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Re: That added touch of detail...

Prescience in medicine that always strikes me...
Speaking of those, Pike's predicament in "The Menagerie" no doubt looked and sounded like a downright inconsistency when the episode originally aired: back then, Readers' Digest hadn't yet paraded the whole spectrum of exotic brain damage cases in front of us, and it didn't seem plausible that future technology couldn't allow a "fully functional" brain to produce speech or at least Morse messaging beyond the silly Yes and No beeps.

Today, we know better: the brain may still "function fully" yet lose the ability to apply language. Pike may have understood every word spoken to him, but his brain may well have been damaged in that specific way that would completely prevent him from forming a phrase or even a word, either inside his mind or through a vocalizing machine. Yeah Yeah YEAH! and nononono.... may well have been the only expressions he could, well, express clearly enough for his computerized wheelchair to recognize.

Timo Saloniemi
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