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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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I am disappointed with Japan box office. I expected more from them. Only $4,166,687.
They probably just gave up and illegally downloaded it due to frustration because it took so long to come out.
I think the Japan Box office is solid so far and it could treble or quadruple that opening which would be excellent imho.
It will probably do 5-7 times its opening weekend numbers. However its opening weekend (weekends in Japan are just Sat and Sun because most movies open on Sat) was only $2 million. The 4.2 million people are quoting is acutally Fri-Sat plus the previous weekends preview weekend (Fri-Sat). So 4.2 is a 6 day total of two weekends. There is virtually no way STID can quadruple that number. To even treble it would mean it has great legs.

It will probably end up $11-12 million with a floor of around $9mil and a ceiling in the $14-15 range. Pacific Rim (another Hollywood Sci-Fi flick) opened around $2.1 million for its opening weekend and after 3 weeks has just under $12 million total. PR also had the benefit of a holiday in its first week.

The Japanese box office will be about a $10 million boost to STID's box office totals. It was never expected to be more than that. STID has not been a box office smash overseas. It has performed about average, maybe a little above. Oblivion and After Earth both made close to $200 mil overseas despite making a third to a quarter of what STID did domestically. STID is going to end up being very similar to Oz The Great and Powerful in both domestic and overseas numbers (about $7 million below domestically and $25 million less overseas).
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