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Re: That added touch of detail...

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I always loved the background noises of the TOS bridge.

When I heard them in the end of Star Trek IV, in that split second I brightened up and thought, "I'm home" then Kirk said, "My friends, we've come home" and made it perfect.
Not just the bridge but every area of the "ship" had its own sound, the corridors, engineering, transporter room, etc. It really added to the realism.

Push The Button wrote: View Post
In The Doomsday Machine, when Constellation lurches forward for the first time, a pile of data tapes spills off of the console in auxillary control, in the same direction that Kirk is thrown. That was a nice touch.


It was in Friday's Child.
I love Netflix.
I loved that about the tapes in the DM too but after watching it I think it was just one of those "happy accidents." I think what actually happened was when Shatner slammed himself against the table that his motion moved the table just enough to knock off the tapes. No matter, it was still a great illusion.
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