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Re: Who created M'Ress?

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Look I'm going to show my ignorance here so forgive me. If Tina Louise could sue if they used her likeness as Ginger does that mean that every time they sell a TOS Kirk figurine, salt shaker, ninja turtle, Shatner gets a cut ? I didn't realise that - I thought that CBS got all the money. Or have I missed something?
Well, permission and payment are different issues. But your face is your property, so other people can't use it without your permission. Photographers or artists need the consent of anyone whose face they record or reproduce in something they intend to sell for profit. If Ms. Louise refused to allow Filmation to use her likeness, then she'd be within her rights to sue them for using it whether there was money involved or not, because they'd be using something that belonged to her without her permission.

I think there is payment involved with actors' likenesses, though, at least those who have it specified in their contracts. Lots of animated shows based on movies or TV series redesign the characters so they don't have to get likeness permission from the actors, which is probably a money issue. This is why the Ghostbusters looked so different in the animated series than in the movies (though that was also to make them more visually distinct from one another). And it's why Harry Mudd in DC's Trek comics only looks vaguely similar to Roger C. Carmel.
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