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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

Some of the S1 and S2 episodes were terrible, but many series have weak beginnings, ENT had a bad start with poorly thought out characters many of who were played by weak actors, whilst also messing around with too much established canon that was just going to rile a lot of the fanbase (once again I use the Vulcans as the example, they turned them right around and then tried to do damage control in S4, and as a fan of Vulcans that's just not right).

NuTrek gets away with it because its an alternate universe with no impact on the Prime one, but ENT had a rich backstory of Trek to work through--they can tweak bits and pieces to fit with their story-telling (I have no problem with that), but when they basically rehash old ideas its just an example of how weak things had gotten.
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