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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

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Ezri was just too darn cute. One time I had just bought one of those Star Trek Magazines and Ezri was on the cover. A friend saw it, and his first words were "She's cute!"

Ezri was so cute, you just wanted to pick her up and take her home and-- well, she was cute.
She was cute. I wouldn't presume to deny that. My main objection to Ezri was... what exactly did she bring to the table? Sure she helped Sisko get over his depression, and was a love interest for Bashir. Beyond that it just felt they rammed her down our throats, often distracting from the intense arcs of season 7, for no apparent reason except to give her tons of screen time as if to compensate for her not being around the first six seasons. Really you could've accomplished the same with a guest star that appeared for a few episodes.
She played centerfield.

I don't think guest stars would really accomplish as much, given that none of them would have or would develop any rapport with the crew in such a short time. Indeed, I don't know how any character, Ezri Dax or not, could avoid Cousin Oliver Syndrome in some for or other. And in the end, another permanent female crewmember was necessary, lest the show devolve into simple, testosterone driven action.
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