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Re: Eccleston turned down chance to be in 50th Anniversary story

I'm curious about how your posting will figure once you're living together, if you're not already living together that is... One PC where you're constantly logging in and out so that you're hopefully not posting from the same account, or is it a knife fight if one of you gets too close to the others PC, and even then you're both routing through on the same ip number, which means that your digitized thoughts are like grappling and interlocking in a frenzy trying to squeeze their way out of your house towards the rest of the internet... And do you have to alert the Admin? I'm sure there's no Date and Tell paperwork to be signed, because that would be ridiculous, but if you are two "supposedly" distinct individuals but sharing an ip address then someone in middle management will almost certainly accuse the two of you of being a dual and award yourselves together with a 7 day ban!

It's a big step.
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