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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

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The changes to the names didn't bother me so much, except that it showed an utter lack of creativity. Instead of creatively inventing a logical predecessor to the tools who know in modern Trek, they just changed all the names to something that sounded more primitive when they all functioned the same.
This. Having different hardware? That's fine. Oh, the phasers are now called phase pistols, and instead of shooting out a beam that will stun or kill, they ... shoot out a beam that will stun or kill. That's really not the way to make the stories any different from what the audience was already getting to find tired before the show started. Ooh, you can only go up to warp five? That's going to really change things, when instead of the Captain hearing of a crisis and ordering the ship to warp eight, he hears of a crisis and orders the ship to ... warp five.

I strongly believe audience would have appreciated it if they had done more to make the tech actually more primitive. For example, what if in going to warp they only have loose control over how fast they go, maybe they aim for warp four but could get lucky and go faster, or get really unlucky and only achieve warp two instead? And, say, it takes six hours to recycle the warp drives for another attempt, so then they have to figure whether they can live with a sluggish chase (or whatever) or should give up and try again, surely racing against the engineer's proclamation that they can't reset a warp drive in four hours, that's madness. And the Captain insists if they aren't able to get a better speed then the Klingots are going to catch them in four hours and ten minutes.

You see what I mean. Maybe that wouldn't work on scene, but I only gave it two minutes' thought. Still, thinking like this could have opened up story possibilities and problems that Trek didn't do before, and for a project meant to revitalize Trek that's worth attempting.
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