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Re: Picture the Novelverse - Characters, Ships and More !

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Wait, that's supposed to be Ezri? It doesn't do her justice.
It took me a few minutes to figure out who it was supposed to be too. I got Ro straight away - the hair, the mole - but Dax took me a sec.

Markonian wrote: View Post
JD wrote: View Post
Very cool. Did you make those yourself?
No, I accidentally found the picture on the web when I was googling for an image of Captain Ro Laren and thought it would be neat to add it here.

It would be interesting to know where they came from, though, because they're obviously Lit-based, not TV-based.

As for other images of cast members, I found these images of the USS Titan's crew on - here, here, here - and I always go back to Geoffrey Thorne's thread (TTN: Sword of Damocles author) and his cartoon-style drawings here. Some of them are not entirely how I envisaged them, but it's a good place to start.

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