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Re: TNG Caption This! 325: To Glory

``Wesley, we do have time for me to run back up to the bridge and turn before the ship collides with Mars, right?'
``Huh? What? Yeah, plenty of time. Hey, did you feel a bump?''

``Worf, you, you are the greatest. You and Riker. You and Riker, you are real friends, you are the people life is all about. You and me, we are buddies forever, that is all.''
``What genius got us an android who's a melancholy drunk?''

``Deanna, not during our duty shift --- er --- oh, dear.''

An awestruck Wesley stood there for over four hours before realizing he was fooled by the Picard Mannequin decoy again.

``So, we got a subspace request from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ... ''
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