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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

I hadn't seen the entire series until this year, so I'm still in the process of digesting everything in it. I've watched all the episodes a minimum of three or four times since February with the exception of "These Are the Voyages", as one viewing is all I can handle at the moment due to the first impression.

I've read elsewhere that people didn't like what appeared to be minor changes in terminology, as you suggest. Phase pistols instead of phasers. Photonic torpedoes instead of photon torpedoes. Etc., etc. The Klingons in the very first episode bothered me. Then the Ferengi showed up, but since we never learned the name of the species, that's okay because it doesn't violate continuity. I think that's what turned a lot people off about the show.

I'm not turned off about the show, but there are many episodes that have disappointed me, and some episodes that have me thinking they almost got it right.

Some episodes, I might not like the story, but I notice individual character building scenes that are just phenomenal. That was one of the show's strengths, in how it tried to explore characterization.
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