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Re: Poll: Best Sci-Fi Captain of all time!

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I'm a bit out of touch with Sci Fi. I have recently gotten back into it because of my kids, who are now becoming Star Trek fans. Could you please state where all the captains are from in your list, and maybe we can create a new poll that's more comprehsensive.
Okey dokey.

Captain Larry Dart - Space Patrol
Colonel Steve Zodiac - Fireball XL5
Captain Troy Tempest - Stingray
Commander Ed Straker - UFO
Captain Podley - Space Precinct
Captain Thrice - Lavender Castle
Commander Nathan Spring - Star Cops
Supreme Commander Servalan - Blakes 7
Doctor Benn - Star Fleet (X Bomber)

(Captain Scarlet) - actually in retrospect, it would be better to replace him on the list with his commanding officer, Colonel White (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
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