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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

I don't know whether this is the issue that Robert Comsol has or not, but I can see what might be a problem, here.

Maurice wrote: View Post
^ In this picture and on the second page in it, part of the "WARNING FIRE" sign is directly under what looks like a red light. The section shown is evidently of the port side, and the sign is in what the FJ Tech Manual seems to call a "storage pocket". In this picture, that sign is apparently nearly at the bow end of the storage pocket.

Maurice wrote: View Post
^ However, in this picture, that sign is evidently much further aft from that red light. The sign is not at the bow end of the storage pocket at all, but rather seems to be somewhere more in the middle.

Regardless of whatever distortion there is from the lenses in the photos, and despite the problem of the page turn in the upper one, it would seem that the positions of the sign in the storage pocket can still be comparatively gaged by where it is relative to the corners of the storage pocket and relative to the red light immediately over the bow end of the pocket.

Is this the problem you are referring to, Robert Comsol?
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