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Re: VOY Caption Contest 111; under pressure...

``Can't stop and talk, Neelix needs me in the galley, something about the biggest can of chickpeas he's ever seen?''

``Wait, Captain, what are we doing in Final Fantasy VI?''
``Chakotay, think what ship we're on. This is Chrono Trigger.''

``Huh. So that's why we're not supposed to press that button. Well, live and learn, I guess. Some of us.''

``Captain, I just ... wanted to know if anyone knew who we are and if we're in this episode and if we're supposed to be and if maybe we can survive it? Thank you.''

``Ah, desiccated oranges and lukewarm Mister Pibb ... my but the Delta Quadrant has ... fascinating ... cuisines ... is there one freaking planet that has a Chinese-Thai takeout place? ANYWHERE?!''
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