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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Unicron wrote: View Post
That's why the Defiant plaque was changed when "In A Mirror Darkly" was made, because the franchise had evolved since then and it didn't make sense to use "Starship class" in the vein that might have been contemplated in the 1960s. That's my two cents anyway.
In-universe, I would think that there were a number of years between the commissioning of the Enterprise and of the Defiant, and in the interim Starfleet decided to use the specific class name, rather than the generic "Starship Class". I personally had no problem with the Defiant's plaque reading "Constitution Class".

Praetor wrote: View Post
Eh, I kinda agree with both of you. I disliked the change to the plaque, primarily because it was inconsistent with TOS. But, I can see where Bob is coming from by calling it disrespectful, too.
I would hazard a guess that no disrespect was intended.

Praetor wrote: View Post
I have often wondered how fans (including myself) would have reacted had the TOS-R team changed the Constellation's registry to NCC-1710. I don't think I'd have minded.
Personally, I've always thought of the Constellation of a different, earlier class, since the use of the AMT model meant there were some differences between it and the Enterprise. And we didn't see many sets, but wasn't Constellation's auxiliary control different from Enterprise's as well? I was actually disappointed that the TOS-R team didn't play up the differences and make Constellation more visibly different, and instead just made her a standard Constitution class.

(OT: pre-TNG, I used to refer to this as other class as Constellation class, since many of the early novels accidentally used this name when they meant Constitution. But then "The Battle" went and messed that up! )

Besides, I would have mourned the loss of the Kongo...

Praetor wrote: View Post
OTOH, I disliked that they showed the Intrepid's registry in "Court Martial"
It completely bugged me that they used those stupid Jein numbers. If you're weren't going to use FJ, at least make new ones up that started with 17.

blssdwlf wrote: View Post
That would make sense. I think the only "exception" is with the Sao Paolo being renamed to the Defiant in DS9. Although the dialogue doesn't specify it, the later FX show the new Defiant with her old registry number.
Yeah, that was just dumb. It was unfortunate they didn't create any new footage for the final episode. I would think in-universe that the new Defiant was actually NCC-75633. Sadly the post-finale novel covers stuck with NX-74205 too.
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