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Re: ENT Caption Competition #90: Down Time

It's a stadium ... thousands of people watching me ... shuttlepod in front of me ... zeppelins in the sky ... giant toothbrushes hanging over the stadium edge ... man, I wish I could tell whether this was a dream so I knew if I should be embarrassed I don't have any pants.

``So, uh, Mrs T'Pol ma'am I was guessing I could just stay at the 'Y' ... uh ... if it's still called a 'Y' here ... it'd be a 'V' here on Vulcan, wouldn't it? Er, I guess not or else a 'Y' on Earth would be an 'E', so here ... uh ... it ... ... is it okay if I just go out and kill myself?''

``Wake up, Trip. Wake up. You're sleeping in the linen closet.''

``Sir, you know we have standing orders to punch Conan O'Brien!''
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