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Re: I just started watching 'Twin Peaks' and I'm hooked.

I hope you guys aren't over-hyping the movie too much I'd hate to be let down. But I have a feeling I won't, though the fact that Lara Flynn Boyle is not in the movie is already a disappointment for me (though Moira Kelly certainly looks the part from the trailer I watched).

I watched another two episodes today. Like I said I'm really digging the Windom Earle storyline, I suppose now that I'm nearing the end I'm a tad disappointed there may not be an actual resolution...but that's what happens when shows get canceled. I think I have about three episodes left of the show. If I can finish all three tomorrow I will watch the movie in the evening.

One last thing, since I'm so close to the end of the series I've lifted my self imposed embargo of reading in depth discussions of the series. And I came across an interesting piece of news: supposedly Lynch intends to do a Season 3 that's set 25 years after the last episode the show? Anyone heard anything about that? And how much validity is there to those statements.

With Netflix being an outlet for long cancelled shows, it seems more possible than ever that if Twin Peaks would be brought back, now would be the time to do it.
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