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Re: All Trek Caption Contest 6: USS Lollipop

``Ain't I a mean widdle Vulcan?''

Odo finally brings down DS9's leading gang of beard thieves!

``Geordi, have we really built a model sailing ship in engineering, or is this some holodeck misadventure, or is this one of those stories where a weird cosmic force is putting illusions or warping objects into other things until the end of the fifth act?''
``I don't even know anymore.''
``And why are the flags signalling us to ensure we drink our Ovaltine?''

``Joachim! I have lost the remote control! You must manually start the next Arrested Development!''

``Oh, Miles, I love the noise the turbolift makes this century, it's just this aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA --- gasp --- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA''
``You know, if I kill you in the 23rd century you'll never have been born.''
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