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Re: what's next for X-Men (movies)? [non DOFP spoiler zone]

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I really hope X-Force happens next. Would love to see Cable on the big screen. Stephen Lang or Clancy Brown would be my choices to play him.
Ooh! I like where your head's at!

I think it's hard to speculate about what the future holds without knowing in what kind of condition DOFP will leave the universe. Which characters do & don't survive? What kind of timeline are we looking at?

I do think we've seen the last of the solo Wolverine movies. Really, other than the Weapon X origin and the Japan storyline, are there any other iconic Wolverine stories begging to be adapted? (Someone in another thread suggested adapting "Old Man Logan" but that just sounds way too fucked up.) Honestly, I've gotten the sense that, after doing the Japan storyline, Hugh Jackman has pretty much done everything that he's wanted to do with the character. (He wanted to do the Japan storyline for the 2009 movie, but the studio insisted on doing the Weapon X origin first.)

If the Deadpool movie ever gets made (which sadly sounds unlikely), it won't be in the X-Men continuity. (Apparantly, in the movie, Deadpool knows he's a fictional character and tries to kill the executives behind his crappy appearance in the 2009 movie.)
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