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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

lennier1 wrote: View Post
People will just pirate the hell out of it.
Well, if the phrases "Star Wars" and "holiday" are this close together you just know things are not gonna end well.
Thanks for the chuckle.

Christopher wrote: View Post
On the other hand, Disney has a history of making its films available only for a short time and then putting them "in the vault" indefinitely. The wording of the release is ambiguous; it's not clear what will happen after that limited time elapses.
I worked at a video store in the late 1990s. For some reason back then, it was all the rage for movie trailer voice overs to include the suffix: "only in theatres."

This somehow led many people to think that these films would never eventually see home video and/or would stay in limbo for a very long time. We used to get customers that would come in and complain to us, "why is (such and such a film) not ever going to be available to rent?"

I'm glad that trend ended. But I sometimes wonder if it wasn't a turn-of-phrase generated by some overpercolated marketers to make more short term sales.

Only in theatres.

Only on AppleTV.

As to this mostly welcome news... I'm eager to see what remains of this series and then I'll see how I feel about it never being on the shelf next to the rest of the The Clones Wars DVD cases.
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