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Re: I just started watching 'Twin Peaks' and I'm hooked.

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The movie really messed me up. Movies don't get to me that way. Yeah, I cry when Bronson dies at the end of Magnificent 7, but I mean I don't get shook up by horror type stuff. Yet when I was driving home after FWWM, I had to pull off the road because I just started shaking. I think the music from the bar scene somehow got under my skin and started resonating or something.
I had a similar experience after seeing it in a theater in 1992. I'd been a fan of the show beforehand, but after the movie ended I walked out of the theater and felt completely disoriented and almost couldn't walk at all. I do recall that feeling starting around the time the bar scene came around as well. Anyway, no other movie has done that to me before or since. It was a bit overwhelming.

Aldo, it's a great series and a great followup movie as well, glad you're enjoying it so far.
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