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The only thing that separates Amanda from the Aryan Sisterhood right now is that for the first half of the game she actually was playing the game well. She had practically the entire house coming to her telling her everything anyone was planning.

But then she throws tantrums whenever things start to not go her way, and it undermines the social maneuvering she did so effectively at the beginning.
I agree. The first half of the season Amanda is a far different player than the "mastermind" Amanda who appears to be running out of her meds as the season progresses.

Confrontational one minute, crying behind a trash can the next, followed by a ping-pong game of rampant over-confidence versus insecure paranoia, and concluding in a peaceful smoke outside --with McCrae curled up at her feet -- while she casually tosses out the name of her new arch-enemy for tomorrow. Sheer madness.

Such a disconnect from the woman who talked with Aaryn in her HOH room about the latter's racist comments earlier in the summer and did so in a sympathetic and diplomatic manner. It was remarkable for a house guest to deal with a volatile situation in such an adult and mature way. I remember being highly impressed by Amanda at that time.

Now it feels like we're talking about a completely different person.
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