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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Eh, I kinda agree with both of you. I disliked the change to the plaque, primarily because it was inconsistent with TOS. But, I can see where Bob is coming from by calling it disrespectful, too.

I guess where I come from is trying to use all the clues provided to interpret a realistic look at a fictional universe, warts and all. There are some things that are hard to explain and some things that are annoying.

I have often wondered how fans (including myself) would have reacted had the TOS-R team changed the Constellation's registry to NCC-1710. I don't think I'd have minded. OTOH, I disliked that they showed the Intrepid's registry in "Court Martial" and in some ways I disliked that they so clearly showed Mudd's stolen ship. In the TNG vein, the differences between the six-foot and four-foot Enterprise models but me... yet I can accept they're the same ship. Then there's the changing scale of the Defiant.

I suppose what really bothers me more than anything else is inconsistency - but I also agree that respecting creative intent is rather paramount. I suppose, though, the fact that some of these false assumptions have been taken and ran with means, though, that if we're to take a hollistic look at the Trekverse, we do indeed have to accept those annoying warts, 1017 and all
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