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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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I heard that all the film's special features are been split into different DVDs of the film. Apparently screenrants reports that if you want to get all the special features you have to buy all the dvds which will cost you $85.

how cute (SCARSAM) for Paramount to rip off Trek fans.
Remember, this is the same studio who had the balls to charge fans $100 for the VHS release of STV:TFF.
Where was I for this?
It's quite possible that they did charge that much for the VHS release. But it also wasn't unusual. I used to work the video stores during the heyday of VHS, and most videos were not sold to customers, they were sold to video rental stores. Of course, the studios had to have a price in case an indivisual did want to buy a video, (because it wasn't illegal for a customer to have a chance to buy it) but it was always prohibitively expensive that no one would actually do it, but the studios could say it was available. Their target was the video stores, and the stores would be able to get the tapes in larger quantiitues at almost no cost, but they'd have to return commisions on every rental for quite a long time. I knew about this because our store was small and my boss, who owned the store, didn't go that route and would have to pay the customer price for VHS's.. his benefit was that he didn't have to send these companies any money back for rentals.

Remember all of this was before WalMart became an easy place to buy movies cheap.
So yes, Paramount probably did have a hefty tag for that movie, but you have to have some historical context.
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