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Re: Embarassing moments during good episodes

Actually I was thinking of making the opposite thread to this: scenes you love in episodes you dislike

Anyways I kind of have a soft spot for Bread & Circuses: It's a fun, fast paced episode and I love the Spock/McCoy interaction.

However the scene with Kirk & the Slave Girl has got to be one of the worst scenes in all Trek. I also don't like the ending with the "sun=son" thing.

edit: Thought of 2 more

* The Enemy Within: I think has one of the strongest scripts and uses the Jekyll & Hyde theme in a very creative way. However I hate the way they treat the attempted rape of Rand.

* Empath: is one of my absolute favorite episodes but I always hate how McCoy is just like oh I'll call her Gem, like she is some type of puppy dog. Okay "hey you" might not have been better, but that scene still makes me cringe. Well at least Gem is dressed modestly and doesn't fall in love with any of the guys so that's a plus.

If you see a pattern I am not always a big fan of how women are treated in the show.

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