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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
If he's looking at the primary phaser of the Enterprise then I have to wonder why?

Because it's like a teenager staring at a centerfold, while the real thing is down in the basement waiting to be examined!
Or, it's a schematic of the refit phaser bank that he's managed to get his hands on...

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
But that's the essential fact: The whole assumption that the TOS Enterprise is a starship of the Constitution Class is based on a screen excerpt and a phaser schematic (indiscernible to read in the TOS footage) with no evidence that this phaser actually belongs to the Enterprise.

While every ship of the Constitution Class is obviously a starship, not every starship is automatically one that belongs to the Constitution Class.
Generally agreed.

It provokes, though, a sort of philosophical discussion, not directed at you but just a general observation. Later Trek productions have assumed, at least as far as background materials are concerned, that the Enterprise was Constitution class, and as such it has crept into the production in various forms. This is similar to other assumptions, ranging from the time in which TMP was set to a ship called Yorktown being renamed Enterprise.

I guess the ultimate question is this: if an assumption with a false premise is used to create visuals and other such materials which may later make the premise appear true, which conclusion should we draw? If the false premise has been validated by later evidence, even if we know it to originally be false, even if the evidence of truth stems from the false assumption, does that in fact make it true?
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