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It's hard to condemn Amanda when my dislike for Elissa is so high.
I find it very easy to condemn Amanda, regardless of my feelings toward Elissa. After her attacks during Candice's last week, the stream of bullying that empties out of her daily in this back half of the season, and her naked arrogance in the wake of the Helen coup -- I personally would rank her in the same category and level as Aaryn or GinaMarie.

Based on last night's edit of events, her plan to ingratiate Andy into Elissa's good graces backfired in such spectacular fashion that everyone in the house (save for McCrae, natch) seems to be sharpening their axes and eyeing the "queen's" neck.

My hope is that we aren't just seeing Diary Room posturing, but actual resolve in the houseguests to evict Amanda.
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