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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

72. Alone in the Dark: D
73. Apocalypto: A
74. Stargate: Ark of Truth: A-
75. Stargate: Continuum: A
76. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: B-

This film, that apparently not many are seeing, is another forray by a studio in an attempt to reclone Potter, Narnia or Twilight. Narnia petered out and other attempts like Percy Jackson look to also go that route.

The story mixes a wide range of mythology. The protagonist is descended from a line of Shadowhunters, who seemingly hunt demons. Why not demon hunters? It's just one of things glossed over in the narrative which makes it for a frustratingly but semi-enjoyable movie experience. Shadowhunters were created by one of the Host Angels after he created a cup and had selected humanity drink from it in order to have the strength and power necessary to fight the demons let loose on the land. The cup is held sacred but one of their own steals it in order to purify the Order. How he's able to corrupt the power of the cup isn't explained that I recall, which is another moment of huh, in the film for me. If it was someone help me out. Another is we are told Shadowhunters are a dying make more, you've had the cup for centuries, it only recently in the last 20yrs went missing.

The bulk of the movie is spent safe guarding Lilly Collins character Clary. She's just coming into her power but watching her being dragged through 4/5ths of the film as "dead weight", which one character points out, was a bit of drag.

I realize it's tough to have an original idea in a genre like this, it's the execution that's important. The book my sell it well, however I felt the film gave us lots of narrative points with too many elements glossed over and not fully explained. The film seemingly borrows themes you know from elsewhere from Star Wars, Stargate, Twilight and basic horror elements. I will say it's bullshit that zombies are the one thing that "don't really exist". Maybe that's commentary by the author or screenplay on what is deemed currently hot?
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