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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Dredd - Amazon Prime on my iPad - First, they really need a Amazon Prime app for the Apple TV, like the HBO go app. Second, this maybe the best movie I have seen this year. While I wouldn't call Dredd a great movie, it is pretty darn close. While very violent and a bit gory, its done in a style not to over romanticize it. Karl Urban did an excellent job as Dredd, way better then Stallone. I didn't cringe at all when Urban said, "I am the law." Watching this after announcing Affleck as Batman, how did Karl Urban not get considered for the roll. After seeing this, he would make a great Batman and Bruce Wayne. This is one of those movies that you see at home and wish that you saw in the movie theater. I really do hope that they make a sequel and expand the scope a little bit.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - Amazon Prime on my iPad - I like Tom Cruise as an actor. As much as I liked Mission Impossible 3, this one is way better. Finally a threat that doesn't come from within IMF. Yes the bad guy was a bit generic and under developed but this one had the best use of team. I enjoyed it, cant wait to see the next one.
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