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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
It's hard to make a general rule of thumb.

A problem that will sometimes happen on TrekBBS is where a reader will ask about a particular older title, or mention that they are about to read it for the first time, and someone will chime in with a massive spoiler before that newbie had a chance to read it. Then there will be outcry and sympathy, and the public defense is usually "But it's been out for decades!"

Similarly, some novels have crucial spoilers that don't necessarily sound like spoilers, and it can be dangerous for people who haven't actually read those books to discuss them without innocently revealing things they've "heard".
I'm sorry, but how on earth can a spoiler about a fictional work be "dangerous" if someone reveals said spoiler?

That just feels like over the top hyperbole!

JWolf wrote: View Post
One way to handle things is to put (spoilers) in the thread's title if you (the thread creator) feels there will most likely be spoilers in that thread. Then if anyone who reads that thread does read anything that's a spoiler, then that person is at fault because there is a warning.

But (IMHO), I've not read every Star Trek book out there. In fact, it's not that difficult to miss out on say the eBook only releases if you don't normally read eBooks. So I do feel that six months is not nearly long enough.

Here's a very good example of why spoilers out in the wild are not good. We have Star Trek: TNG: Cold Equations Book 1: The Persistence of Memory. It's a sequel to Star Trek: TNG: Immortal Coil. Yes, IC was out more then a year before TPoM. But it's quite possible not to have read IC and because of TPoM, now IC will be read by a number of people. Spoilers for IC would not be a good idea just because of its age.

So please, it's very little effort to use spoiler codes. So please do so regardless of the book's age.
Six months is perfectly fine, the way you've acted in the past, you would put spoiler tags under anything, regardless of age.

I personally do not think the onus should be on the thread creater, it should be on the reader, you go into a thread discussing a recent book, or say, an upcoming book in an ongoing series like, say you did in the Protectors thread and in that other thread, demanding anything being discussed be put under spoiler tags. Now the thing is, if you hadn't read The Eternal Tide, you should have either stayed clear of the Protectors thread or expected that people would be discussing The Eternal Tide. You should have used your common sense.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Also, people who are worried about spoilers should read defensively. If they see a thread about Book n in a series, then they should probably assume that it will contain spoilers about the preceding books in that same series, and so if they haven't read Book n-1 or Book n-2 yet and don't want to be spoiled on them, then they should probably avoid that thread.
Exactly. But not everyone seems to possess that level of common sense.

As for my own opinion, use common sense, steer clear of obvious threads about books you've not read and use spoiler tags for a good six months after release while discussing new stories outside of the main, obviously spoiler filled review and discussion thread.
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