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Re: STVI without the racism

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I think it did make sense in context with the TV series. These people were never presented as being perfect they had their flaws and they were always pretty close to the surface.

Oh I agree I think you can argue that it did make sense in context. Although I think in the series the Klingons were meant to not be trusted and war mongers.

I guess you could say that was based on false perceptions and not the truth. Actually I kind of wish there was more of that breaking up false perceptions in the film.

This is an issue in a lot of Sci-Fi but I never liked how aliens seem to have one human characteristic and then all the aliens of that species were like this. This seems silly. It's not like all human beings are alike.

Even the fact that the Vulcans were all logical seems a bit far fetched. However I ignore this because I think Spock's logic made for some very compelling writing (I unfortunately didn't feel the same about the Klingons).
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