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Re: 11th Doctor Costume Try-Outs

Pretty good observation. Yes, Tom's ensemble gradually changed over the seven years he played the role until it looked remarkably different from his debut outfit.

Of course, there's always the fan who will analyze every bloody scene from every serial. Such is the case of one "CyberLeader", a member of the Who North America on-line store forum. Here's a transcript of his observations. It'll make your head spin.

*** *** ***

Robot - Wave 1 Tom with Green Tie and Original Scarf, original hat

Ark in Space - Wave 1 Tom with Green Tie and Original Scarf with grey section removed, original hat

Sontaran Experiment, Genesis of the Daleks - Wave 1 Tom with Green Tie and Overcoat and
Original scarf, original hat

Revenge of the Cybermen - Wave 1 Tom with Green Tie and original scarf, original hat

Terror of the Zygons - Unique Tartan Scarf and Hat, Overcoat and new waistcoat
Also the original scarf was used missing a few short colours at either end

Planet of Evil - Wave 1 tom, original scarf, TOTZ waistcoat and brown kravat

Pyramids of Mars - POE Tom with Overcoat, new dark green hat

The Android Invasion - SOD Tom with red tie (Android tom had a new scarf), hat

Brain of Morbius, Seeds of Doom - SOD Tom from 11 Doctors Set, new lighter hat

Masque of Mandragora, The Hand of Fear - POM waistcoat, Altered Original Scarf (android scarf for studio shots), brand new hat

The Deadly Asssassin - Timelord Costume and Previous Episode Costume with AI duplicate scarf, original hat

The Face of Evil, Robots of Death - HOF costume with red tie and duplicate scarf, original hat and new brown coat (green shoes worn exclusively in FOE)

Talons of Weng Chiang - Dearstalker hat, cape, no scarf, new waistcoat

Horror of fang Rock, The Invisible Enemy - SOD Outfit with red tie and duplicate scarf, new hat

Image of Fendahl - New Brown Overcoat, no tie or kravat, brand new scarf, original hat

The Sun Makers - HOFR & TIE costume with duplicate scarf ect., new hat

Underworld, Invasion of Time - IOF costume including the 3 episode exclusive scarf, new hat

Ribos Operation - Brown Overcoat, original scarf with less pieces joined to the duplicate to create the longest scarf to date.. new hat

Pirate Planet, Stones of Blood, Androids of tara - Brown overcoat, new spotted waist coat, no tie or kravat, combined scarf, new hat

Power of Kroll, the armageddon factor, destiny of the Daleks - Grey jacket, grey trousers, boots, combined scarf

City of death - DOTD with shoes rather than boots, new hat

Creature from the Pit - DOTD costume with boots, new hat

Nightmare of Eden - Brown overcoat and DOTD costume, original hat

Horns of Nimon - COD costume, original hat

Shada - NOE costume with different costumes, original hat

The Leisure Hive - Brand new costume, burgandy with the longest scarf ever sporting burgandy/brown shoes with rather MAD socks, new burgandy hat

Meglos - TLH costume with new waistcoat and boots

Full Circle, State of Decay, Warriors Gate, Keeper of Traken, Logopolis - Standard Season 18 costume

*** *** ***


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