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Re: Artificial Gravity Generation

That's steady acceleration, to nitpick the terminology. And yeah, the ship specifically was said not to be doing anything of the sort.

Just because you are asleep doesn't stop your bones and muscles from deteriorating in a zero gravity environment
But in the sort of cryosleep that keeps you alive for 200 subjective years, without the need to drink or eat, this would not be a concern.

Then again, when our heroes intercept the derelict, a heart rate of 4 per minute is observed. In 200 years, that'd be about half a billion beats - or a dozen years of life at standard heart rate. Obviously, you can't be unconscious for a dozen years without dying, so something else must be involved. Whether that something is external life support (with hoses or comparable interfaces that retract before our heroes arrive, supposedly) or a deeper suspension that has already been ramped down as sensors have picked up the approach of the Enterprise, it should also fully negate the physiological problems of zero gee if the drama calls for it.

Timo Saloniemi
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