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Brannon Braga also wrote the TNG episode "Genesis" which completely butchered evolution. Lets just pretend that Threshold never happened.
I actually really like that episode

I think Braga gets a bad wrap, he wrote over 100 episodes between TNG and Voyager, many of them quite good. But people only give him a hard time for one or two that weren't that great
Braga's at his best when he's doing alternate reality or something to that effect. His best days were in TNG easily. Voyager and Enterprise(especially)... no. I think by that time he was just cranking out as many as he could with less regard to quality. But like they say in poker... you can hardly recall the winning streaks but remember every big loss. Braga's like that and he's really hit and miss. But it's definitely more than "one or two."
I think he had some great work on Voyager too.
to name a few
Year of Hell
The Killing Game
Living Whitness
Latent Image
Dark Frontier
Life Line
Unimatrix Zero
Human Error
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