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Star Trek: U.S.S. Endurance

I Have been working on my first Star Trek fan-fiction story. It is meant to be a origin story for my own ship and crew. It is named Star Trek U.S.S. Endurance.

A few months ago I re-watched an episode of DS9 called "Paradise Lost." It features a new refit of the Excelsior class, the U.S.S. Lakota, that was so upgraded that it went up against the Defiant and did well. I have always liked the Excelsior class and I like that time period, so I thought that if they went to all the trouble to refit one Excelsior class ship this way that they would have refit more the same way.

My story is set at the end of the dominion war, a few years after that episode, and is meant to tell how the ship and crew come together. I intend all future stories to be post Dominion war and to be Science and Exploration focused.

I have a diverse crew lead by a female Captain.

Does this sound interesting to anyone? I am just writing for fun, so I do not expect many people to read it.

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