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Re: Would you rather?

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Would you rather have to clean Quark's ears or brush Worf's hair?
I have a feeling Worf is better at grooming then Quark, but I would rather poke Quark's ear wrong then to pull or rip Worf's hair.

Would you rather marry a Klingon, a Vulcan, a Ferengi, or an Andorian?
I would rather marry an Andorian. I love the chilly weather.

auntiehill wrote: View Post
Brush Worf's hair. He had a nice ponytail.

Would you rather watch childhood scenes of Picard, Sisko or Janeway?
Janeway, of course. ::my avatar::

Would you rather eat Ferengi grubs or Klingon gagh?
Once there was a grocery man whose name was simply Louie...until the day his store blew up and his produce went kablewie.

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