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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm DBR.

My 30th year is approaching fast, and I have done nothing noteworthy with my life, but I think I'm still a nice guy.

Started watching TNG late at nights in about 1991. It quickly blew out of proportion, and I was a full blow nerd in no time at all.

I'm currently in a Dark Age, with no trek at all except the relaunch (TNG & DS9) books as they trickle out.

Actually back up, I also read New Frontier. So maybe not a Dark Age, per se.

DS9 began, and I didn't care for it (which was realized as a mistake by your's truely during it's 3rd season) so I sticked with catching up on TNG episodes. Voyager began, I hated it, so I sticked with DS9 and TNG reruns. Eventually went caught up on Voyager. Back to TNG...

Picard, Data, LaForge and Riker were always my favourites. My favourite episode, of course, was The Inner Light. How can that not be tops on everyone's list!

I liked TNG for two reasons: The first, was because each episode was stand alone. You could catch 5 episodes each year, or 22, and you woudn't be lost either way. With later DS9 seasons and Enterprise, if you missed an episode, then you were fucked. It seems that way with all Sci Fi now. And don't get me wrong, I love story arcs.

The second reason, is that it just had the most loveable characters. Even Wesley and Troi had their moments!

I hardly never post in this forum, except for the odd captioning contest, but I scan the headlines each night. :thumbsup:
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