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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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RCS thrusters could also be used as a scaling tool. Plus, if the Excelsior has any docking rings for the travel pods, those are guaranteed to be identically sized, for obvious reasons. Windows may also be a tell, as the Excelsior has both circular and long rounded-edge windows, just like Enterprise. It is not outside the realm of reason to surmise that windows should be of a standard size across all Fed starships, at least of that era. They appeared bigger starting with the E-C, IIRC.
I really like the idea of the docking port -- this is probably the most standardized and objective detail to scale things from. Windows, bridge modules, clearance with space doors and the like can all be fudged depending on deck layout, recesses and camera tricks. But the docking ring is pretty damn concrete.
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