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Re: V'Ger origins: Borg or not?

TOS Battlestar Galactica Cylons were also supposed to be cybernetically enhanced intelligent lizards that had multiple brains (with the Imperious Leader having three brains, to connect him with the greater Cylon "hive mind"). There are references to the "Cylon Alliance" in script form and even a few in-dialog of a greater empire composed of other species, ruled and/or assimilated by Cylon tech (like the Ovions). Then the mentally challenged censors and network suits got a hold of the show and made them purely mechanical, lessening the impact, because we shouldn't see our heroes shooting other living beings, even in self-defense.

Cylons don't predate the Cybermen and certainly not the Zoromes, but they do predate the Borg, and the concept of cybernetic assimilation is not exactly an original concept in general sci-fi.
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