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Re: Enterprise: Random plot, character, or episode questions

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. . .But don't you find it odd that, in the pilot Broken Bow, Archer got from Orbital Six to Starfleet Medical super fast without a transporter (he hadn't used it yet) or is it just me? . . .
It's not odd to me at all. Film and television always use visual shorthand when dealing with the passage of time. It's like in any show with a contemporary setting. A guy gets into his car, drives away, and the next scene has him arriving at his destination across town. There might be a brief cut of him driving between the scenes.

They're not going to show us Archer getting into a shuttle, the shuttle taking off, flying around for a few minutes, landing or docking at his destination, Archer walking down a hall, and finally arriving where he sees Phlox for the first time.

It's just like 2001: A Space Odyssey didn't make us sit through 35 million years of evolution, centuries of civilizations rising and falling, or Dave Bowman being born and growing up to become commander of the Discovery and leaving Earth.
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