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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Did Excelsior have any docking rings at all?
Can't be sure. I thought the original might have had them, but they may have been covered over by that big addition for the Enterprise-B in Generations. Images of the Lakota at the Christie's auction don't show anything exposed on the secondary hull that resembles a ring. There also doesn't appear to be a main docking hatch on the primary hull edge like Enterprise - probably because it was shown in Generations as being tethered to the drydock by a rather large superstructure from the engineering deck, topside aft. And there aren't enough images that I can find of the smaller Greg Jein model (used in "Flashback"?) to show if that one had these details either. Although the few images I have seen of that one look as if the poor old girl's back is breaking under the weight of the primary hull and engine nacelles.

It's looking like the phasers, RCS thrusters, windows and sensor rings are about all you have to go on.
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