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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Constructive suggestions by 137th Gebirgsjäger (sorry, always looks so incomplete), Excelsior's rim does look like it's the same make as the one one from the refit Enterprise. If the width of the horizontal windows has the same relation to the three lateral (sensor?) stripes as Enterprise, I'd think that determines the scale. Did Excelsior have any docking rings at all?

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I think the creation of the ten-forward set led to a retroactive adjustment to scale, so make sure you are using the "pre ten-forward" scale if you do.
Good and important reminder! And I'm sure Mr. Probert would insist...

But this just reminds me of another can of worms: Can we truly trust the side-by-side shots of Excelsior's next to the Enterprise-D in TNG's first season?!?

Remember that Andrew Probert pitched the idea of his genuine Ambassador Class design to the TNG producers. While I simply love his Ambassador design as the evolution link between the E-B and the E-D, I'm afraid one of the suits in charge thought that the Probert Ambassador Class didn't look distinct enough to really justify the extra building cost and decided to have the "egg-cel-scissors" or whatever pretend to be Ambassador Class ships. On the small TV screens, then, nobody would really notice...
Those side-by-side comparisons could probably yield size figures of Excelsior rather compatible with Probert's Ambassador Class.

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