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Re: Alternate history tv shows

LHO (1993)

Using a brilliant recreation of Walter Cronkite's (an Oscar-winning performance by Bill Murray) infamous death-row interviews for CBS as a framing device, director Oliver Stone examines the events surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald's failed assassination attempt on President John F. Kennedy, and Oswald's subsequent trial and conviction for the murder of Jacqueline Kennedy. Flash-backs take us back to Oswald's life in the days immediately before the events in Dallas, as well as the lengthy trial. Stone dwells a bit too much, perhaps, on Oswald's sometimes frantic assertions during the trial (and indeed until the moment of his execution) that he never intended to shoot the President, and that the First Lady had been his target of choice all along. While this creates an air of drama for the purposes of this film, this reviewer finds it unnecessary to refute the conclusions of the Hoover Report yet again thirty years after the fact. Indeed, Stone at times seems to show more sympathy toward Oswald's wounded pride than to the widowed John F. Kennedy. While this film might run a little long for some, it is worth seeing for Stone's use of different film stocks and photographic effects to distinguish between events in the represent tense, flashbacks, and events as seen through Oswald's "mind's eye".
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