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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

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Also, isn't 7 years just an awfully long time to be at the most junior rank? I would have thought just standard competent service would mean a promotion by then.
Well some of the main cast had nowhere to be promoted to. Or didn't have a rank. Tuvok did get a promotion, at least.
I think you answered your own question pretty much. For a ship with only 150 people it was way officer heavy anyways. Had Voyager had something more of a resolution beyond "they're home, fade to black" it's something we might have seen once they got back to Earth. But let's face it, above and beyond to earn one despite there being no need for a higher rank? If he was doing his job as the "ship's smart person" like Data at Ops in TNG... there would've been no need to bring in Seven later on.

You could argue Tores earned herself a promotion. Paris screwed up and went temporarily backwards.
Yeah... a person with violent rage issues, who's struck her co-workers, gone behind Janeway's orders and was once suicidally depressed is a great candidate for promotion.
co worker, not coworkers...and Chakotay punched a guy in the face too.

despite her depression she sure saved the butts of Tom, Harry, and Seven in the Delta Flyer

and Tuvok went behind Janeway's back and still got promoted

and she still kept the ship together in perfect working order without drydock or help from starfleet, without her they wouldn't have lasted nearly as long as they did
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