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Re: 12 Monkeys pilot greenlit by Syfy

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Well, the movie seemed to play with that more than you seem to be letting on. Yes, at the beginning, they said that you can't change anything. However, it seemed, in the thick of things, that Bruce Willis really wanted to try (and you begin to wonder if they were right about that in the beginning). In the end, of course, they clearly were right.
But that's just Cole's POV, and as the movie went along he began to be unsure of reality, and it was implied that he may have been losing his mind. It doesn't change how time travel worked in the context of the movie.
I'm not disagreeing, but the key there is "in the context of the movie." Given the television show would also be from his perspective and that they don't necessarily have to follow everything from the movie, they're free to toy with this idea and even change the rule. There's no reason for the audience to already know the answer, especially since the movie audience didn't definitively know the answer the first time watching it (precisely because we're following Cole's POV).
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