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Re: Who created M'Ress?

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It appears that the problem was with the physical look of the supporting characters of TAS. Perhaps there was too much red tape working out if Filmation would be owed $$$? We also have a blonde, caucasian Uhura and a Sulu with dark skin and an afro hairstyle.
Except that if you look past the coloring, Neal Adams clearly drew Uhura to look like Nichelle Nichols and Sulu to look like George Takei. Of course Sulu had the Afro added, but it'd be easy enough to photoshop the Uhura panels with the right skin and hair coloring. I'd like to see that done.

I thought that the reason M'Ress was drawn wrong is that Power Records didn't have photo reference for the character and just had to make something up.

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It reminds me of the animated New Adventures of Gilligan, where they gave Ginger Grant white hair for fear of a lawsuit from Tina Louise.
Platinum blonde, rather. Naturally they could only use any character's likeness with the consent of the performer, and Louise has never been willing to participate in any Gilligan revivals, so they had to recast her (Jane Webb did the voice) and redesign her based on the character's original conception as a Marilyn Monroe clone. (Look at the early first-season episodes and Tina Louise is basically doing a Marilyn impression. Fortunately the show allowed Ginger to develop her own, much less vacuous personality over time. But she lost that in the animated shows and reunion movies and became just a dumb starlet again.)

TNAoG didn't get Dawn Wells either; Jane Edwards played Mary Ann. But that was probably more a budget thing, the same reason Walter Koenig was dropped from TAS. Filmation's Mary Ann did look pretty much like Wells, as much as any of the caricatures looked like the actors. For the '82 sequel Gilligan's Planet, Dawn Wells played both Mary Ann and Ginger.
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