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That added touch of detail...

In another thread a reference came up regarding "The Doomsday Machine" that I thought could start another related discussion.

After Kirk sends the Constellation into the maw of the planet killer we get an expected explosion. But the robot doesn't blow apart in the conventional sense. Rather we see a flame of fire and debris (presumably) coming out the robot's funnel.

I like that scene because (deliberately or not) it speaks to a reference Spock made earlier in the episode about the robot's nuetronium hull. The stuff is so dense and strong that even in the throws of destruction it still doesn't blow apart, but sends all of the explosion right out the front.

I think this was a really nice bit of detail, in this case visually.

Another nice bit of detail happened (I believe) by accident. In "The Naked Time" Scotty is cutting through a bulkhead to get access to Engineering where Lt. Riley has locked himself in. I believe initially there was supposed to be a beam added to the phaser as it was cutting, but they were behind schedule with the f/x and as a consequence the episode was aired without the beam. Hence, Scotty's phaser is seen cutting into the bulkhead with an invisible beam. Unfortunately in later reissues of the episode on video they have since put a visible beam back into the scene.

What I really like about this was that it gave me the idea the phaser wasn't being used at full power (it would have probably gone right through the bulkhead and maybe done real damage), but was at a level just sufficient enough to delicately cut into the bulkhead without damaging any circuitry behind. Again it's a small visual thing, but to me it speaks volumes.

A third detail was certainly deliberate. To enhance the idea of a large ship with lots of people aboard we often filtered voices in the background as if hearing personnel reporting in from all over the ship. Fantastic and really added to the sense of a believable setting. In this case the detail was in terms of sound.

Can anyone else cite something you've noticed and appreciated that might also have gone largely unnoticed within TOS? It might be a visual effect, it might be audio or it might be a spoken reference. It could have been deliberate or perhaps apparently accidental.

Here's a chance to show appreciation for all those bits of added detail that added to the texture and overall fabric of TOS.
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