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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

boushh said:
Just a word about Samantha Quinn's stories mentioned above.

One thing to keep in mind is that they are AU so the situations the characters find themselves in end up changing them from the characters they were on the show.
Sure, in the MU for example that's very true. However, in every AU, except the Mirror Universe, we see the characters act within the core of themselves: in Twilight, T'Pol is about duty, obligation, self-sacrifice and loyalty. Her character doesn't change drastically. In E2, T'Pol is still about these things, just picks a different path. Her character doesn't change drastically.

Archer did in this story, and its sequel.

If the section is written from the POV of a character that dislikes Archer for example, (since he came up), then you have to take into account that the opinions of Archer are from that character's POV and consistent for that character.
Yes, it's clear T'Pol dislikes Archer because he's abusive, including to a boy he thinks is his son. I guess my argument is twofold:
* T'Pol would never marry him if that were true.
* Archer doesn't seem to be that kind of a person. And I'm not sure, because it's not made clear, why he's like that, other than that's the writer's view of the character.

AATP's intent was to punish a character, imo. And it's why I indicated this was not good story telling.

There are many good stories that fall within excellent T/T'P writing - Quills has some good stuff, as does Zane. In their stories everyone is a hero. Refreshing!

Here are some of my favorite stories:
Thanks, HR!
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