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Re: What happened to Star Trek III: TSFS?

@ Robert

I agree with every point you made about the movie in your post #19 (didnīt want to quote it all ). Whenever I watch the movie, I make it through the first half, knowing that the "great escape" and more shots of Grissom and Excelsior are still to come. I usually switch off as soon as the Enterprise sets course for Genesis ... everything after that I find just barely watchable.
Especially the refusing-Spock-with-his-Katra bit makes no sense at all: first, they tell Sarek that it hasnīt been done in ages and then really only in legend (which means: never). Then, after Sarek tells them heīs not quite sure of his logic anymore (!) theyīre like, "well ok, if itīs your son then we go right ahead and do it". As if Sarek was the first Vulcan ever to lose someone close Also, if this procedure has never actually been done before and was thus not really an option, why was Sarek so upset with Kirk for not bringing Spockīs body to Vulcan? Or why would Spock store his Katra in McCoy in the first place? What makes Spock and/or Sarek soooooo special that they get the once-in-ages-super-special-VIP-treatment???
BTW, how would the Vulcans even know how to perform this refusion, if no one in living memory ever attempted to do it?

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