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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
There's a further possibility, albeit one that requires completely ignoring the MSD at the back of the Enterprise-B bridge - wider deck spacings. Scale it to the tiny bridge module (I think I worked out 777m) and add gaps between decks for machinery etc, while still lining up with window rows. It's how the new movie Enterprise is arranged, going by the 725m size and atrium set, which works out a perfect match for the saucer-rim windows.
Thanks for the suggestion, King. I might try all the scaling options and compare side by side, for fun. What's interesting about what I did above, is that I assumed the 622 Excelsior would feel too big next too everything, the D in particular... but actually it doesn't. The bridge dome doesn't actually bother me that much... especially given the ever-changing bridge dome and other details on the TOS Enterprise. I can ignore it and pretend it's round like the Constitution refit if I really must.

I think someone (maybe Bernd Schneider) once estimated based on Drexler's Enterprise-B cutaway to have proper deck thickness she would need to be in the 700 meter range. I actually forgot to ask you, how'd you end up with 622 meters for Excelsior before? Also, what do you estimate the deck heights and thickness on the new Enterprise to be, in your reference image you made?

If I scale the Excelsior up to 777, I'm going to end up scaling up the original Enterprise and refit too. I can feel it.

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
That's the first thing I noticed about that diagram. Seems to me we're better off scaling up Spacedock than trying to make the smaller Excelsior size work, especially since -- IMO -- it's too small even for the Enterprise.
What's funny is, even though I left off the front views because I didn't have them all at hand, the Enterprise refit does fit through those doors, albeit barely... kind of like what we see in the famous scenes in TSFS.

Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post
I don't see how, considering the Excelsior isn't BASED on the Constitution in any way shape or form. When you consider that Enterprise received a refit to its new configuration possibly to keep pace with technology and designs on contemporary vessels -- like the Miranda and Constellation classes -- then it could be that the Constitution is actually the odd man out and some of those structural features are "cropped" on the Connie that would be full-sized on any other vessel.
Interesting take... For clarity's sake, there is actually one feature that could be the same on the two... and those are the phaser banks. Scaled to 467 and 305 meters, their size matches somewhat closely. OTOH, there's no reason to think they really need to be the same size.

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
Mario de Monti wrote: View Post
Praetor wrote: View Post
I'm trying to think, is there ever an instance of the Enterprise-D or another 24th century Starfleet ship accelerating as we used to see on TOS? (TVH also had the bird of prey accelerating.)
Im not sure if you still need another example here, but there is one at the very beginning of TNG when Q chases the Enterprise in "Encounter at Farpoint". Upwards of warp 9.0 they keep accelerating and continuously call out the respective warp factors.

There's also that segment of The Survivors, when the Ent-D chases the phantom Husnock warship away from Rana IV, and it matches their acceleration curve "point for point," as Wesley put it.
Thanks guys... I guess this doesn't necessarily preclude the no acceleration idea, if traditional warp speeds were also available.

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
I remember there was a guy (I think Tobias Richter) who built a Spacedock for one of the SOTL calendars and did rather extensive research on the ship sizes. Somewhere over at scifi-meshes I think.
Hm interesting. Anyone know how to get ahold of him?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Nob Akimoto wrote: View Post
Regardless of the size of the ship, this actually reminds me of just how absurdly large Spacedock (and subsequent variations as starbases) are. Just in terms of sheer habitable volume, these things are more space colonies than starbases.
...or it's not only a facility where to refuel antimatter but actually the facility where they create antimatter (in the "stem" of the "mushroom").

Given the value of antimatter I'd say it makes sense to have such a production facility guarded and also minimize any risk of transporting antimatter to a Federation vessel...

Since there are no constant meteorite or asteroid showers near Earth, it would be rather stupid, IMHO, to trap Federation vessels inside (ST IV anyone? ) - in contrast to deep space station Ticonderoga in Starship Troopers - unless the design is to ensure containment of antimatter loading accidents inside (the people on Earth wouldn't be too happy about such accidents closeby ).
Interesting notion - I could definitely see that contributing to why it is built the way it is. I have also always felt the closed-ness of the dock was weird.

Anyone ever notice that the pier the Excelsior is docked at is numbered 34 on the miniature? It's quite visible on the screencap I'm using for my wallpaper. I guess they started numbering the shuttlebays first.

This eveing, I'm going to try to work out some scalings to go with some screenshots that we've seen of Excelsior to other ships... such as from TSFS, TUC, and Next Gen... and maybe DS9 battle scenes too.
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